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As I have not submitted to a spinal tap, I do not have absolute diagnosis that my condition is MS, but all arrows point to it. My daughter was positively diagnosed with it, which increases my chances of having it exponentially. A spinal tap laid my daughter up for 2-3 months; it would do the same to me, I’m certain.

When my daughter was positively diagnosed with MS, we talked at length about her symptoms and mine. I had some tests run; all arrows pointed to MS but without the spinal tap it’s still not 100%. But the symptoms are More >

CCSVI: One month after


I did a blood test which came out very good. I am stopping the anticoagulant “Innohep” injection and starting anti-thrombotic Salospir (100mg) for three months. This is a low dose aspirin. Improvements are the same with ups and downs, sometimes more stiffness and a feeling of heavy foot, sometimes less.

Very deep and relaxing sleep continues, so half of the day is very good but there is a “fall” in te afternoon. Niacin “works” much better compared to the past (the redness reaches from head to the lower parts of the foot). I stopped getting up to go to the More >

CCSVI: Two Weeks after


* 1 week after: Very deep sleep. It seems I need to sleep early at nights AND noons. Improvements in mobility have been confirmed from my wife during a trip. Faster and steadier mobility, walking without bending.

* 2 weeks after: Still deep sleep. No dizziness after swimming. Very good balance with closed eyes something I notice while I am on the shower. There are ups and downs but they do not reverse the general image.

Other things I notice without being sure if they are related to CCSVI: No signs of allergies (I had a few this time of More >

Dr Zamboni’s work: What your doctor should read


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Zamboni P. et al., 2008: Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency in patients with multiple sclerosis. Research paper, Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, More >

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