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This is MS: Video Facts and more… on CCSVI

Many many facts about ccsvi and liberation. Before and after Videos. Πολλές μαρτυρίες σχετικά με τη ΧΕΝΦΑ πριν και μετά.

CCSVI: Two months after


After further examination (triplex of jugular veins) my veins are still open and in perfect health. The triplex showed no restenosis and excellent flow. We observed again the membranes in the left and right jugular but it was only the remains of what was left after they were torn during the liberation procedure.

Approximately 72 days of ups and downs there seems to be a more steady improvement: 1. Greater strength in walking is a clear and a more standing position while walking as well. Bending legs easier, less feeling of heaviness. 2. No dizziness after swimming. 3. Very deep More >

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