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Common reasons that your progress may delay while you are on the protocol


When following the Klenner protocol it is vitally important to take all of the oral vitamins, injectable B1 and Liver Extract each and every day. As patients follow the protocol, the body repairs over time and symptoms disappear. Just as the body can get worse without obvious signs of a problem until an attack, the body can also repair and do a lot of good work for a while before the patient sees or feels the change. Be patient and take everything in the protocol EVERY day.

Sometimes patients get in touch because they are concerned that they are not More >

Exercise and MS

If I had to choose and add one more factor to Dr Klenner’s protocol that would definitely be exercise techniques which an MSer should choose according his capabilities and limitations and may be adjusted during time. Exercise is not about building muscles and overdoing it. Many people believe this. Also many people underestimate the value of exercise. There are many techniques which have to do with stretching, breathing (yoga),  Pilates, pnf, tai-chi, aquatic exercises or classic physiotherapy.
It wouldn’t be wise though to suggest something about all of the above to patients because this is something

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Children Increasingly Poisoned By Prescription Medication


A new study from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center highlights a rise in the number of young children, over half a million each year, admitted to hospitals or seen in emergency departments because of unintentional toxic doses of prescription medication.

The increase in such exposures is so high that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has established the PROTECT Initiative, with the goal of preventing unintended medication overdoses in children.

Dr. Randall Bond and colleagues involved in the study gathered information for 544,133 children 5 years of age and younger who had visited the emergency department (ED) More >

New Research on “Phlebology” magazine round MS and CCSVI

The translation is automatic with the use of Google translate. The original text was in Italian.

Multiple sclerosis, yet confirmed the anomalies of jugular venous

It ‘was published in the September 8 issue of the prestigious journal Phlebology a new study by a team of vascular surgeons at the University of Belgrade (Serbia), entitled “Morphological and hemodynamic abnormalities in the jugular veins of patients with multiple sclerosis.”

Recently, in addition to the well-known autoimmune theory has emerged a new theory that explains the etiology of additional multiple sclerosis, based on multiple areas of stenosis and different levels of obstruction

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