There are hundreds of cases referring to vaccines reactions concerning MS and tens of other referring to wide spread diseases like autism (considered an epidemic in USA and vaccines are officially recognized as one of the main cause!) or polio. It would almost take a whole new website to start describing all these cases.

Most vaccines contain heavy metals for preservatives (Aluminum, Mercury) and many other poisonous ingredients like the V40 substance). The vaccine for Hepatitis B is linked to Multiple Sclerosis. The “secret” behind this is the vaccine industry who only cares about profit. No vaccine is curing us. Vaccination is obligatory because without it big vaccine manufactures would lose tremendous amounts of money!

Some of you may wonder…What if we didn’t have the vaccines? Some diseases would kill us all! There are more than clear evidence that most vaccines appeared after serious diseases, which they are supposed to fight, were gone! After their appearance, these diseases began to grow again! Not to mention the alternative solutions we have in a number of diseases like Chickenpox, Diphtheria, Flu, Measles. Viruses causing some diseases make their circle and vanish naturally. Some of them had an increase due to certain conditions like wars, special situations where the public health state was low.

There is a huge propaganda and terrorism to have the vaccine of a number of diseases beginning from children to older people. If you take a look in Google and search for vaccines you will find equal articles to advertise vaccines with articles to warn of the dangers of vaccines. My doctor always told me that it’s better to have the disease than take the vaccine.

We are not smarter than our body to force it prevent disease. Our defense mechanisms knows better as long as we treat our body right.

I could speak for hours about vaccines but I think it would be much more useful to watch these videos or read these: