About This Website

This  website started by me, Homer, in 2006. It’s purpose was just to share  my experience of making the big decision to abandon multiple sclerosis drugs, conventional  medicine and deal my MS with a natural way. This was not easy. The doctor I met convinced  me that I was going to be helped after years on drugs and talked to me  about Dr Klenner’s protocol for MS, Dale Humpherys and people who  became dealt with their multiple sclerosis symptoms, became symptom free of their MS.

At  first I did not apply the protocol right away. Besides some stuff (like  Liver Extract or B1 injectable) could not be found here.

After  three months of very strict nutritional program, vitamins etc I noticed  significant improvement and felt amazed by this turn and angry for so  many people left in their misery, totally uninformed. I decided then to make this website.

After some months, I met with Dale Humpherys through his articles on Townsend Letter and met the great man also.
Dale Humpherys quickly informed me of the value of the protocol and the  need to begin it at once. So I did and under the supervision of my doctor my life changed for ever.

Soon,  my website became his website too. Dale was an inspiration to me and  always behind me for support and share his experience. He has spent  his life trying to spread this treatment, always willing to help people,  steadily opposite to drug pushers and liars taking advantage of MS to get rich. You know who I mean… I respect and admire that but most of all  I marvel his persistence, courage and decisiveness. He has set an  example to all of us.

This  Website would have never found it’s meaning if it wasn’t for Dale  Humpherys my friend so the least I can do is dedicate it to him.

Also many thanks to:

Dale’s  daughter, Carrie, who has been doing a tremendous, tireless work day  and night in order to keep this website alive. Definitely the woman  behind the scene.

Leonidas, who has helped translate many pages in Greek and Marta her great work.

My friend Kostas who is always giving me technical support for this page and also hosts this website for free!

Finally my girl who has always been extremely supportive to my dreams  as well as all of you who have send your testimonials as the best  reward to this collective effort.

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