Water is the base of life. It is not accidental that trying to answer about signs of life in other planets components of water are the first to be examined. Water, though, coming out of fount most of the times is subjected to severel processes and doesn’t offer our organism only healthy elements. Because of its chlorinating, and heavy metals contained in the soil pipe (amianthus, lead etc) stresses us with elements concerning several disease. Also bottled water is not a life time solution.

My doctor claimed that it was very important to changes the water I was drinking. At first I was just trying for a good filter. Then my doctor advised me about alkaline water. The technolgy of this was initiated in Japan in 1950. Commercial use begun in 1958. After long testings doctors found that it is absolutely safe for man and helps in the symptoms of many diseases. Alkaline water has a medicine role. Imagine that a beverage of “cola type” has a PH=2,5(!!!) and hydrochloric acid a PH=0,1. It is vital the water wich ends into us to be alkaline (PH=8-10).

I have a machine combining both a filter and an ionizing process. In other words alkaline or acidic water comes out of the machine depending on what you will choose. Alkaline water is for drinking, cooking etc and acidic water for external use (like rain water).

It didn’t take long to see the unique effects. The first thing I noticed was an improvement to my urination problems. The first days it caused urinating very often. You see, I was having problems about initiating urination. After the first week it was the first time I caught my self especially at nights urinate normally. At first I thought I was imagining all this. But now I’m sure because I’ve experienced quiting alkaline water for certain periods and I saw a great difference.

1. Besides alkaline water has the properties described bellow:

2. It is rich in oxygen and that means protection, physical energy and mental clarity.

3. It has strong antioxidant properties (compensates free radicals which contain H+) reducing cell aging and damage.

4. It clears cells from toxins, acid remains of metabolism.

5. It hydrates organism 3 times more effectively because of it’s mollecular structure. This mens it enters cells more easily. Many people ignore the dehydration effects.

6. Transfers instantly healthy elements in cells.

7. It is rich in ionized calcium. Balance of calcium is of high importance for our organism.

8. It strengthens our physical defense providing essential support to our immune system.

There are remarkable indications from Japanese doctors:

Whisky which can be found in the market has PH=5,2. This makes it acidic. Mixed with alkaline water to a 1:1 analogy is alkalized!

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