As I have not submitted to a spinal tap, I do not have absolute diagnosis that my condition is MS, but all arrows point to it. My daughter was positively diagnosed with it, which increases my chances of having it exponentially. A spinal tap laid my daughter up for 2-3 months; it would do the same to me, I’m certain.

When my daughter was positively diagnosed with MS, we talked at length about her symptoms and mine. I had some tests run; all arrows pointed to MS but without the spinal tap it’s still not 100%. But the symptoms are there; mainly the devastating weakness that I’ve had for years, that finally reduced to tiredness (plus numbness, occasional lack of balance, etc.).

The emotional stress hit me so hard after some problems I had, I could hardly think. It became very difficult to just get work done in our office (which is in our home). I was not getting better. Piles of work on my desk were getting higher; I could get some work done, but anything that required thinking was too hard for me.

Then my daughter introduced me to the Klenner Program. Since then I’ve told anybody who would listen about the Klenner Program.

With my very first B1 shot my body felt like it was getting what it had been starving for all its life. I felt such a sense of well being. To me, it is well worth the shot daily to get the benefits.
After 3 weeks on the Klenner Program I could begin to THINK again! After six weeks on it I was able to rearrange parts of the house. I find I am getting more and more done, the longer I’m on it; I’m getting my life back! At 58 I feel without the Klenner Program, my husband, would have to take care of me in another few years. I was getting to the point where I just couldn’t think very well. It felt like I worked all day yet I was getting so little done. (We work from home.)

After almost 4 months on the Klenner Program I had the ability to do my own shots. Before that I just couldn’t confront it, but my husband went out of town for 5 days and I could either eat up 1-2 hours of my day by going to my doctor’s office daily, plus the expense, or bite the bullet, and I was very pleased that I was able to do them myself. The first 3 were the hardest. After that it got easier, and after about 7 it really got easier. It still hurts less to get them in the rump, so my husband does them most days, but he’s a night owl and on days he’s sleeping very late, I just do my own. I inject into the stomach. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Again, it is still worth it to get the gains. I’d rather have a few sore spots than not be able to think and let’s face it, not really have much of a life left. This is giving me my life back!

Also, on the first day I did my own shot, I remember later feeling strong for a little while. Not just an absence of weakness or tiredness, but I felt STRONG. It was such a wonderful feeling! And I felt that again a couple of days later.
I still have to really make sure I don’t push myself when I’m tired; when tired I have to rest. But I am able to do more and more, and it’s very exciting to be getting my life back at the age of 58 instead of feeling it will be over in a few short years, and that my dear husband will wind up taking care of me, because at the rate I was going, I’m sure that in another couple of years or perhaps much sooner, that I would put something on the stove and then utterly forget about it. Such lack of memory is actually dangerous. But I don’t need to fear it now. I am recovering. I am so grateful for The Klenner Program! My daughter urged me to start it for months before i finally did. I was afraid of the shot and didn’t really understand that this program is exactly what I needed to get my health back! I’ve spent a LOT of money over a LOT of years on nutritionists, who all helped me to some degree, but nothing else compares to Klenner!

I’m so grateful to my daughter for continuing to tell me I should get onto it, until I finally took her advice. Man, what was I waiting for? But you know, when you can’t think straight, you need more guidance and help, and that’s just what she gave me. You are welcome to put my wins on the site. I hope this is helpful to others who are on the fence about whether to start it or not. It is so worth it. I have to compare really watching my life slowly end, or getting back my energy, my vitality, the ability to do more and more as the days and weeks go by, instead of less! The years longer that I will be able to enjoy my daughter and my grandchildren. My daughter told me that she was afraid that soon I wouldn’t recognize her; even I hadn’t realized I was that bad. The better I get, the more I realize just how bad off I was. At this point my future is very bright!

I am very grateful to Dr. Klenner, to Dale Humphreys and Carrie Dujela and to Homer and to all who are responsible for sharing this wonderful program. It is saving my life. How can I adequately thank you? I don’t think I can. So if my success helps others, then I am happy. I want others to get their lives back, too.