Everyone of us suffers from toxins which come from foods, water, air even normal function of the human body. The important thing is to deal with this and avoid poisoning from toxins is to change our everyday life. Multiple Sclerosis symptoms are affected instantly due to our intake of toxins.

Besides their general necessity to a number of factors Vitamin C, Vitamin E, the B Vitamins (Β2, Β6, Β12, Β3, Β5 etc) are basic oral vitamins of the protocol which help in the detoxication process as well. It is important that B1 is absorbed by heavy metals and it’s intake help the body detoxify. Also there are certain herbs, minerals, chelators which help in this process.

Many products of bodily metabolism are waste products that the body either does not need or cannot use. The body may even be damaged by some of metabolism’s products.  Thus, mechanisms exist to rid the body of these damaging chemicals. In addition, many chemicals in our environment are damaging to the body and such products need to be eliminated or destroyed.


The liver detoxifies numerous toxins. It also destroys drugs, such as alcohol, nicotine, and prescription medicines, because these things are not normal to the body.  Some medicines have the bad side effect of damaging liver cells. It is like a war between liver cells and the medicine, because the liver is programmed to destroy foreign chemicals and cannot know that medicines are supposed to be good for the body nor know which medicines may damage the liver cells in the process of destroying the drug.


The first place that blood from the stomach and intestines goes is to the liver. But then the blood leaving the

liver goes to the heart and is pumped directly to the kidneys. Kidneys regulate the balance of water and salts

in the body, but they also have a very important role in detoxication.

With about 200 quarts being pumped through the kidneys every day, they do a big job for such a small organ!

The main job is to take all of the blood in the body and clean it. This means:

  • filtering blood to hold back the cells
  • reabsorbing much of the filtered water and certain chemicals
  • actively secreting certain chemicals that do not get eliminated by the filtering