It’s been a month without an internet connection and I have tried everything to update my email and blog. Friends, internet cafes etc A few minutes ago I was looking at my email. Here is my short and very useful (as always…) dialog with Dale about liver extract: "The 2nd injection with Liver extract was….UNBELIEVABLE!I felt what is like to go really symptom free. I thought B1 helped a great deal… but now oh!It’a much different. Can you ask Dale if it’s just in my head? After I take the injection I’m really taken off for the next few hours and then… back to "normal".Anyway I’m very excited. Thanks for everything". That’s what I got as an answer: "I didn’t want to get your expectations up above what it would deliver but yes, most people have an absolutely amazing reaction to the treatment once they get the liver extract going. I’ll bet that there will be such an improvement from now on that you will be getting better and better as the weeks go on. Now, remember, it took a long time to get down to where you were, and these nerve pathways and rebuilding of the myelin sheath take time, so don’t expect to run in several weeks. The MAIN thing, is now that you have the whole thing going, you must stay on it, don’t miss ANY injections, don’t let yourself run out of your injectables…" "…Remember that on the way up there are still going to be the occasional days when you don’t feel "quite as strong, or a little tired" and this is normal, because of the huge amount of damage that is being corrected. Start gradual strength training, nothing too excessive, and follow the oral vitamins and diet as well. I am SO HAPPY for you…" "I knew that once we got you going on the full protocol you would be SO excited, as it is an exciting process to recover from a disease that everyone tells you is impossible to recover from. It is certainly NOT in your head, and it will be a steady uphill climb up from now on, don’t worry. Just do not slip and forget, or start playing with your dosages. You will be in great shape by this time next year, I know, from the speed of recovery of the others, but when you have a day where you don’t feel as good, do not doubt, and start to wonder, as I have told you, it is a slow but steady healing from here on. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy you finally got the correct injectables. Best wishes, Dale" I had two injections so far… Until now I thought B1 was the most amazing thing that has happened in my therapy (of course combined with everything else… diet, supplements ect) BUT let me tell you that liver extract is NECESSARY! Everytime I have the injection it’s the total joy! I feel like I have less MS! This feeling on my legs cannot be described! It’s like discarding an unecessary weight off of you. Now I’m absolutely sure that the protocol is not just B1, or vitamin E or C or… but everything together as a whole. If something is missing then… you may have results but not the optimal results. I can see this now clearly. Remember that liver extract is prodused only in US and you can order it from these pharmacies. I was having difficulties in finding it. The law is not everywhere the same and you may have some problems with that but if you’re on Klenner’s treatment DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE ROLE OF LIVER EXTRACT! I also remember what I have promised about Amalia’s article. Soon you will have it. PS: From now on I deticate my recovery to the "doctors" of the world who keep following the rules of big pharmas and great profits. Well, I have been following doctor’s Klenner protocol ang guess what…? I’m alive!