It was 2006 when I began building “My Multiple Sclerosis”. I still wasn’t aware of all the details of Dr Klenner’s protocol. I was just shocked by the strength of alternative therapies to my MS. It was when I read Dale Humpherys articles in Townsend Letter magazine where I realised better what this therapy is all about. Dale lived totally free from his MS symptoms for over 40 years due to this therapy and helped hundreds of others also.

At first I was wondering if I was allowed to publish his articles so I first contacted Townsend Letter. They told me that it was absolutely okay with them and when I asked them if Dale Humpherys has an email they told me that it would be so typical to ask for a permission… He would accept anyway!
I then published all the articles. Some weeks later I received an email from his daughter asking me who I was, if I apply the protocol, if I needed any help, how I learned about this therapy etc.
He also told me that her father who dedicated his life to spread out this therapy who saved hundreds of patients received much more calls worldwide now because of my website and that he never imagine what a website could do to help make this therapy known! That I had achieved so many things in weeks while he was trying for years!!!

I was so very grateful that Dale found me. I never thought I would meet someone through the internet who would become my doctor, my friend, my brother! He and his daughter guided me through the protocol treatment without having a single doubt of it’s success. Right after I met with them this website was not “My Multiple Sclerosis” exactly but “Dale’s and My Multiple Sclerosis” to be accurate. We always discussed what was about to be uploaded, we discussed with doctors of the latest findings on MS to be fully updated round the protocol. This website would never be a reality if it wasn’t for Dale Humpherys that’s why it fully dedicated to him. I know I have worked hard but he was always the soul, the inspiration, the bright example for every one of us. This hasn’t stopped and will never will because fighters like Dale Humpherys live forever through their work and integrity in the hearts of every fighting MSer.
So long my friend, we promise to you and your family that this website will continue this work forever and will always have your name written with capital letters in the top of each page: “DALE HUMPHERYS”.

The announcement of Dale Humpherys death as written by his grandson, Michael:
“It is with sadness that I write to report of the passing of my beloved Grandfather Dale Humpherys on February 26, 2010, at age 83 from end stage renal disease. As many of you know, my “Gramps” was a lifelong advocate for the treatment of multiple sclerosis by utilising the Frederick Klenner Protocol. This novel treatment has been successfully utilised by hundreds if not thousands of patients worldwide, much to the chagrin of conventional neurologists.
Dale lived a wonderful balanced life, dedicating everything to his family and passing on the information regarding this treatment. He was a virtuoso accordionist, an avid gardener, and had a voracious appetite for reading all things about alternative and complementary therapies. My last visit to his home a couple of weeks ago confirmed this as we sat surrounded by stacks of journals, including no fewer than 50 issues of the Townsend Letter at his chair side. As a child I remember looking through a giant box of letters and postcards written by those he had helped by passing on this information. These greetings and thanks came from all over the world. He was passionate about helping others find relief from this disease, and wanted nothing more than to “pay it forward”.
Dale entertained hundreds of calls from around the world over the past few years since the Townsend Letter published the Klenner Protocol in 2003. He remained passionate about alternative medicine until the very end. In fact, I read his discharge summury from the hospital in July 2009, which declared him “Not expected to live more than one or two weeks.:” He declined dialysis, and started treatment with DMSO, and eventually a novel treatment from Buenos Aires using activated charcoal. He lived nearly eight months longer, and walked without a cane until 24 hours before his death.
I’ll miss my Grandpa dearly and hope that the protocol will continue to be passed on in his memory for the benefit of future generations of MS patients.”

With respect,
Michael D. Dujela, DPM, FACFAS
Western Washington Foot and Ankle Specialist
Fellowship Trained on Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgery
Certified American Board of Pediatric Surgery

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