Presented by Dale Humpherys, Jan 2004
Towsend Letter for Doctors and Patients,
Posted here with permission of the author

I was happy to receive the November TLfDP with the focus on MS by the various health care disciplines and disappointing but not surprising–there are no mentions of a cure (or a permanent remission if you prefer). In fact, nothing but reams and reams of speculation on the causes of MS and myelin degeneration by everything from Chlamydia Pneumoniae to at least 16 infective agents, to an autoimmune disease, etc. etc. Talk about a disease which has been studied to death! And the answer has been available and suppressed for 50 years! Come on fellas, in spite of the clouds of dust your scratching has produced, the answer is still very clear–it’s Biochemistry 101–remember the Krebs Cycle or Citric Acid cycle? Restore normal metabolism to cells of the central nervous system incapacitated by a viral inflammation, with thiamine HCL, Liver extract and other metabolites and PRESTO, you have a recovering MS case.

In one of the last conversations I had with Dr. Klenner in Reidsville, North Carolina in 1973 after beginning his treatment, I asked him why this treatment which is so very basic, effective and inexpensive, was so hidden and not reported on. He reflected for a moment before answering, then explained to me that there were segments of the medical profession which had a vested interest in treating this disease (the neurologists) and if the patients got better there were no patients to treat! The basic truth in this statement almost eluded me as I had always believed the medical profession to be almost above reproach in ethics–of course doctors made mistakes but surely there couldn’t be deceit and suppression on such a massive scale as this?

When seeing him for the last time I told him as soon as I recovered I would begin working to make this treatment known and available to all who wanted it–30 years later, this still hasn’t been accomplished. I had no idea what I was up against. I recalled my own neurologist ridiculing me when I told him I was going down to see Dr. Klenner–I didn’t realize at the time that he was having a panic attack over Dr. Mount’s success with thiamine HCL and liver extract treating MS in Ottawa, Ontario. The Vested Interest was there all right!

I began giving news interviews in ‘74 and doing radio and TV interviews and talk shows but I realized I would have to get national coverage to make a breakthrough. I finally got the opportunity to do that in 1978–coast to coast in Canada and parts of the northern US on CBC television. Then the phone began to ring steadily–who were some of the first people to contact me? Doctors with MS in their own families. They were very interested. A week after the program the MS Society (the neurologists again) called the CBC 5th Estate program and told them this was giving “false hope” to people with this disease because I was just in remission and there was no successful treatment for this disease and forced the CBC to run a retraction on the next program! So this was the “Vested Interest” factor Dr. Klenner had told me about.

I continued with the talk shows and news interviews but it was always the same story–an MS sufferer would call me and we would go through it and many times the call would come back “my doctor says there is no successful treatment for MS and I’ll have to live with it.” The occasional patient would tell me their doctor would help them but he didn’t believe it would work. And any patient who dared to ask his neurologist would often be told “I won’t treat you anymore if you take that vitamin treatment.” In 9 out of 10 cases he probably wouldn’t have a patient to treat anyway because they would recover!

One day I received a call from a former patient of Dr. Klenner’s named Paul Ferrari who lives in California. Paul was down to see Dr. Klenner in 1980 and was cured as I was, and he has been a physical fitness trainer for many years. There is a picture of Paul in the July 2002 TlfDP. Paul told me of his efforts to get the message out on a successful treatment for MS and he was rebuffed by doctors and met with disbelief from all with whom he spoke. “No one as strong and healthy as you are could ever have had MS, Paul.” So Paul and I and the hundreds of others treated successfully by Dr. Klenner and Dr. Mount have all walked the same path and been told repeatedly “You are in remission and there is no treatment for this disease and you were probably misdiagnosed”–the standard vested interest response. I believe this is probably the most blatant, arrogant and despicable cover-up in the history of medicine.

But the worst was yet to come. Beginning in 1998 my supplier of injectables reported they were no longer available–the FDA had refused to release them from the 4 labs under their jurisdiction in the US. I immediately recognized this as the hand of BIG PHARMA in the FDA glove. They were going to stop this treatment and put us all in wheelchairs!

Dr. Abram Hoffer, as always, came up with the answer: have the B1 made up by a compounding pharmacy. This we did–more expensive but it kept us alive. Next the liver extract was cut off by the FDA. We began to get it from Mexico until we could get a compounding pharmacy to begin producing it. What was BIG PHARMA with the FDA gloves reaction to this? Of course, they went to court in January 2001 and attempted to gain control of the compounding pharmacies (which are under state control) and they were denied this right–our first victory! Do I believe this is the end of their attempts to stop this treatment? Of course not. Greed has no limits for vested interests with billions of dollars to distort and control the source of their wealth–those unfortunates who are ill and unable to protect themselves–the helpless. What a sordid picture.

When I saw Dr. Hoffer about the B1 and Liver he suggested I write an article on my experiences and he would publish it in the Orthomolecular Journal. He also suggested I submit a letter to the TLfDP which I did. This was published in the February/March 2000 issue. This was the real breakthrough we had all been hoping for–wonderfully exciting calls began to come from all parts of North America, Australia, England, France, Germany and Israel. The TLfDP truly serves a wide audience wonderfully well.

I was interested to see an article by a neurologist, Dr. David Perlmutter–a new breed of cat–a neurologist who uses nutrition instead of drugs and steroids. I was beginning to feel hopeful until I looked at his protocol–any thiamine or liver extract injections? Nope. Any niacin for vasodilation? Nope.

I have noticed considerable change in the public’s perception of doctors and healthcare and nutrition over the years. Most people are looking for a doctor who knows and uses nutrition and alternative therapies, as well as assuming more responsibility for their own health, and are less likely to accept a doctor who is drug-oriented and practicing outdated medicine. And this plays a big part in a more readily accepted belief by patients that a natural treatment–using thiamine, liver extract, niacin and vitamins can have a positive outcome in a disease portrayed by the neurologists as “hopeless.”