Klenner Protocol

Common reasons that your progress may delay while you are on the protocol


When following the Klenner protocol it is vitally important to take all of the oral vitamins, injectable B1 and Liver Extract each and every day. As patients follow the protocol, the body repairs over time and symptoms disappear. Just as the body can get worse without obvious signs of a problem until an attack, the body can also repair and do a lot of good work for a while before the patient sees or feels the change. Be patient and take everything in the protocol EVERY day.

Sometimes patients get in touch because they are concerned that they are not More >

Vitamins Fight MS


(OMNS) New research confirms that niacinamide, also known as vitamin B-3, is a key to the successful treatment of multiple sclerosis and other nerve diseases. [1] Niacinamide, say researchers at Harvard Medical School, “profoundly prevents the degeneration of demyelinated axons and improves the behavioral deficits.”

This is very good news, but it is not at all new news. Over 60 years ago, Canadian physician H.T. Mount began treating multiple sclerosis patients with intravenous B-1 (thiamine) plus intramuscular liver extract, which provides other B-vitamins. He followed the progress of these patients for up to 27 years. The results were excellent and More >

Vitamin D – What you should Know


Many facts come to surface lately concerning Vitamin D. Since summer is coming I thought I should remind you what’s important in my opinion concerning MS and Vitamin D.

1. If you have MS the best and SAFEST way to get your vitamin D is through Vitamin D supplements. Prefer to find it in a dry form tablet and DON’T USE any fish liver products because they may be contaminated by heavy metals. For Dr Klenner protocol we suggest Vitamin D3 (Cholecalsiferol) – 2000 – 5000IUs daily (dosage may be increased at doctor’s suggestion). Don’t listen to the More >

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