My Experience

6 months after CCSVI and 4,5 years on Dr Klenner’s protocol

CCSVI: Two months after


After further examination (triplex of jugular veins) my veins are still open and in perfect health. The triplex showed no restenosis and excellent flow. We observed again the membranes in the left and right jugular but it was only the remains of what was left after they were torn during the liberation procedure.

Approximately 72 days of ups and downs there seems to be a more steady improvement: 1. Greater strength in walking is a clear and a more standing position while walking as well. Bending legs easier, less feeling of heaviness. 2. No dizziness after swimming. 3. Very deep More >

My Liberation


23/6/2010 Procedure done today. Everything was excellent, and the doctor was amazed because the findings were:

90% stenosis to left jugular vein in the lower and upper parts (3 balloons placed). Also a membrane blocked blood flow in the lower part.

99% stenosis to azygous vein! One balloon placed also.

Right jugular blocked from two membranes which were torn during the procedure.

Everything were fixed. This means that the right jugular has been released once and for all, azygous vein is very difficult to re-stenosis and there is a higher probability for re-stenosis in left jugular since there is always More >

CCSVI: My diagnosis


η Jugular veins were tested in three different parts. The positions were supinely (A), 45 degrees supinely (B), sitting position without supporting torso (C).

After the Doppler test to these positions there is a deficiency syndrome of jugular veins found which has to do with:

1. Jugular vein congestion failure in the lower parts. Also the presence of membranes bilaterally. 2. Change in section of the vein with obvious changes in the flow during the Valsava process especially to the positions B and C.

That’s all for now. These findings justify 100% the liberation procedure which has been arranged. I More >

Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency (CCSVI) and the Klenner therapy


The reason we have delayed writing something about these findings despite the first very encouraging data was because we didn’t want to give the wrong impression and because we wanted to watch all this closer with patience. We feel that is time to say a few words since we believe that this discovery can contribute decisively to what we call “Cause of MS” and the therapy section as well. Also throughout the evidence so far we believe certain parts of the protocol are backed up and the protocol itself is a true proof for the theory of Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous More >

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