Multiple Sclerosis Stories: Victor’s testimonial

Hello! My name is Victor, I’m 32 years old. I’ve been suffering from MS for 12 years (secondary progressive MS). Being sick for years, I tried various treatment methods. Some of them did good, but the results were short-term and, generally speaking, there was no positive dynamics.  I lost faith in methods proposed by traditional medicine.  Now I’m a disabled person in a wheelchair. Having read in the web about the Klenner’s protocol, I decided to try. Furthermore, some testimonials seemed inspiring. I’ve been following the doctor Klenner’s protocol for a bit more than a year. I’d like to go on following it though I can’t say my health condition has improved greatly. But still there’re some ups such as blood circulation improvement. My feet got warmer. There’s positive effect with the toilet, I mean, the constipation problems have practically left and the urinary bladder works better. The motor function of my fingers has improved. But it’s not constant.

There’re still downs. One of them is setbacks. The healing process is unstable. Sometimes I panic because of setbacks. Later I feel glad while noticing some improvements. Generally, my health condition is unsteady but I don’t see other alternatives. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!