1996 The First symptoms. The years of ignorance.

It all begun in 1996. Even though the first symptoms were really awkward, I paid no attention. Never did I believe that serious illnesses had to do with me. To be honest I was totally unaware of what MS was. What could cause, even less what was about to experience…and the story begins.

I felt my hearing fade on my left side. Doctors said I should avoid loud noise, even music (!) and they ensured me that I would be okay. Indeed, in a few days I was okay. The second symptom after a few months really caught my attention. On the left side again, my eyesight went blur. It was like I saw the world through a blurry glass. The oculist claimed I should use collyrium. I did and the symptom vanished one week later. So far so good. All these seemed quite accidental at first and it took years in order to put the facts together.

In a very short time things got worse. I couldn’t anymore pretend that nothing was going on. Fatigue and dizziness were basic characteristics in daily basis. The feeling of pins and needles appeared on my left leg and then on my left hand. My steps weren’t stable and looked uncertain. The last doctor I visited before I enter the “great adventure” was a pathologist. He immediately informed me that I should visit a neurologist and that this was a neurological problem.

I spent 15 days in the neurological clinic having the most thorough examinations (encephalon and backbone tomographies, puncture, blood and urine analysis, encephalogram etc). I was diagnosed with “probable MS symptoms” ( probable damage to the myelin structure) in August. The main problem was detected in two spots of my backbone between some vertebras. I began a cortisone treatment, the soonest the examinations completed. One intramuscular injection per day for about 5 days. I started feeling much better and I thought “this was it”. I’m going home soon.

If only I knew this was just the beginning. If only I knew cortisone was a temporary way to confront with the problem. Until it comes back in a much more aggressive way.

No one informed me what this was all about. Of course they knew. The word “probable” in the diagnose proved to have a total different meaning. General information about a “nerve disease” was the only answer.

What caused all this trouble? Should I worry about the future? What should I avoid? You tell me… Doctors seemed pondering and optimistic at the same time because I did well with cortisone. They just kept reassuring me that anxiety wasn’t good for me which was correct, not to worry about what is happening around me very much.

I returned home expecting to continue my life normally trying to encourage my body and mind into wellbeing.


The doctor’s advice was to continue medrol pills for some months until I quit. Day by day I lost my strength. New symptoms came along such as tremulousness and limping on my left leg. Fatigue became worse. I felt both my legs heavy. I couldn’t get out of the house. My activities diminished. I felt dizzy when I was reading a book or when I tried to write. But I never lost hope.

I said to myself cortisone was the solution to my new problems. If I was helped the first time why shouldn’t I be again? Unfortunately I hadn’t taken into consideration the wise statement “Phenomena can be deceptive”.

New medical attendance but… no results!

It was the second time I visited the same clinic. I went to my doctor holding my father this time not being able to walk by myself. He was “surprised” and told me I should get new treatment. I stayed for another 15 – 20 days. Cortisone injections proved to be worthless. Things were getting worse and my movements became really heavy. The new “magical” medicine which fired up my hope was “immuran”. An immunosuppressive substance. It was possible to use it for months, maybe years.

There were moments I couldn’t believe what was happening. I must be dreaming. This could not be happening to me. I was strong, I learned from my mistakes in life, I became more mature, I learned to appreciate life, not to take things for granted. Why? What went wrong?

Many new true friends came to my life. Most of them patients. All this painful experiences I was thinking… During my stay, and while I was discussing with several people I heard for the first time about “interferon”. That this was the cure. I saw people using it for a long time and looked symptom free. It wasn’t true. 99% of them were still suffering and became even worse. I had heard so much about interferon that I was nearly convinced that doctors were acting absurd that hadn’t told me anything about it. When I kindly asked them, I was told it was early for such a confrontation and as time went by a whole new world was revealed.

Until then every thought that crossed my mind was pure. I couldn’t imagine the big game for profits. I heard about situations which some doctors gave bonus to certain medicines not incidentally. They followed strictly protocols. Protocols multinationals had composed. Everything else was tricky. I realized clearly that medicines were for commercial use on behalf of the companies and their salesman: the doctors! Of course not every doctor is aware of the “game”. He or she may be well – minded even though he or she participates to the “game”. I didn’t want to believe it. The “battle of medicines”. Of course today I’m sure there are huge economic interest for drug companies whether their products will be sold or not and they don’t hesitate to prevent the development of scientific research around serious illnesses because they feel they are economically threatened. So “simple”.

The last day of the treatment arrived. I was really sad not only because I had reached the worst point of my disease until then but because of the society I was bound to live. I had no idea how I was going to deal with the situation. My parents where worried to death and for a moment I was really scared. I felt completely isolated and sure that I should strongly believe in my self in order to recover.

I was on the verge of going to England, to find a better luck. I had to try it. Besides, there were some relatives there. My parents wanted it more. Everything was ready but a sudden information, from a person I trusted, canceled the imminent travel. There was a doctor in Greece specialized on MS. His method was different and really promising with unbelievable results as everyone claimed. It was difficult to believe that there was something else, something more. Why wasn’t I being told? Other doctors weren’t aware of his existence? If he is so good as they say why they do not use his method? I was suspicious but I had to try it. Here, in my country. The thought I had to go away filled me with anxiety.

Finally I visited him. He saw my medical history and after a few talks he reassured me that I would be able to walk normally within two months! He is a fine scientist and above all a really nice and pleasant man.

The new medicines were “mitoxandrone” and some others for the tremulousness. Another immunotherapy had just begun. Indeed within two months I was not only walking but I was running as well! Even my doctor couldn’t believe his eyes. Things turned out beyond every imagination. The next years I had the opportunity to live my life like anyone else. Study, make a relationship, travel, enjoy life.

1997 – 2002

During these years symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis were unknown and this is not an exaggeration. Facts of everyday life proved it. All these time I was living in full activity. I studied and finally graduated from the polytechnic school. I drove my bike to the university in daily basis, I was walking long distances without a problem, I traveled etc

My doctor claimed I had almost overcame my illness and I wouldn’t have any problem for the next years even though I had a heavy schedule in my life. At the same time he warned me of possible unknown imminent dangers. He helped me understand the connection between MS and every day life better. There were things I had never heard since then. Hot weather weakened the immune system. Same with cold days. I should avoid fatigue and generally lead a steady life. Eat normally, sleep normally. Try to keep my strength for the next time. Continue my treatment with coherence. I did that, at first, very often and gradually in monthly basis. I changed course a few times and I used new medicines as well. Everything turned out well except one detail.

2002 – 2005

From what I can remember, these years where decisive. My condition begun to deteriorate extremely slow. So slow I wasn’t able to realize it. Same old story haunted me again. I must admit I didn’t stay alerted all this time. There were periods were I wasn’t very careful but I think it was normal. I was only 20 years old and very thirsty to enjoy youth. Besides, according to my doctor’s opinion, it was very difficult to explain and accept what was going on.

Fatigue came over me again and I was extremely constipated. I had urination problems again. There had been many times I hadn’t visited the toilet for 5 – 6 days! I had very often sleeping problems. I woke up one or two times during the night or I couldn’t sleep. My body energy was fading again. My activities were lessened. I felt like I was going back. My doctor could not give me answers anymore. Medicines were the only recipe until tremulousness and balance were restored.


Things got worse. I took a serum per day for some months. This made me really sick. My doctor said I should continue until I was okay but this seemed so far away…I wasn’t in the mood of doing nothing. I felt very tired. Days were passing by and I wasn’t productive. All the symptoms were getting worse. I took weight because of the quantity of drugs and apart from that I was prone to diseases because of the immunosuppressive treatment. My social life was directly affected. Relationships, friendships, everything.

It was time to take into serious consideration a conversation I had with a friend of mine about a nutritionist. I had promised myself to visit him because I heard several stories concerning my problem. It took some time until my final decision. I was encouraged by the fact that this treatment had nothing to do with drugs but just the foods you eat and vitamins. I read a relevant book. The decision wasn’t easy. After 10 years of medical attendance. I was challenged by a new method. A new, but totally natural treatment. What if I was wrong? What if I lost valuable time? I had no other options. I should give it a shot.

Finally I took the great step. It’s been 5 months since I visited him. It’s been 5 months since I discovered a whole new world round my problem. 5 months are already enough to change my life again. 5 months are more than enough to convince me I made the right choice. Maybe the only real choice. To convince me that nothing has ended, on the contrary, everything starts now. This website is basically dedicated to the role of Dr Klenner’s protocol for MS (vitamins, nutrition). It also contains a plethora of advises concerning a healthy life, which you may find useful in order to stand up to MS whether it concerns you, a relative or a friend of yours. I hope with all my heart, you’ll find it helpful.