I’m still here! Fighting MS. Proud, confident… The last 5 months, since my last update, gave me a new perspective. I tried to gather my thoughts, went through my notes and here I am. Stronger, infront a much more trying period where things move slowly but steadily… I’m thinking that if I had to choose some interesting points of my progress during the last 5 months these would be:

1. Pain.
2. Conclusions round the use of B1 vitamin.
3. Fish oil.
4. Urination problems.
5. Joint stress
Ok! I’m trying to explain more all of the above.

1. The last years, pain troubled me from time to time in steady basis. Lately my pain especially at nights became worse. Sometimes I was limping not because of my inability to walk normally but because I was in pain. I used to massage my leg muscles almost every second day using painkiller ointment. My practitioner told me that I would be helped if I used Vitamin C 1000mg (contains organic sulphur which has detoxication properties) three times daily for one month. Of course I would continue to use it as it is an essential vitamin according to Dr Klenners’ protocol. Within a month I didn’t have any pain in my legs until now. B1 vitamin is also known to play an important role to the pain symptom.
“Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): The use of high daily doses of vitamin C will prevent a superimposed illness and will lend itself in metabolism. Ten to twenty grams should be taken daily by mouth in divided doses.”
Note: Ascorbate Acid cannot be taken in megadoses (very acidic). The best thing to do is take Ascorbate Acid (non acidic vitamin C).
2. I first started with an injection of 200mg daily for two months until June. The way I stood up was really amazing. Then I was advised that I needed 300mg daily. This did not have the results I was expecting. No much difference. After a few weeks using this dose and while I was discussing about B1 with my friend Jeff he informed me that 400mg is a generally a good dose for men while women usually use 300mg. I increased the dose after of course I was advised by my doctor that I should test my self to 400mg. The difference was great. From the very first injection. Until now whenever I take the injection I feel my legs relieved. Since then I have made some tests to be sure that this is the dose. My doctor claimed that I should return to 300mg after he estimated the dose again after 2 months but he told me that if this made a significant negative difference that I should go back to 400mg. I returned to 300mg twice for some days and this made every doubt disappear.
I use 400mg of B1 intramuscularly since August – September in one injection every day except the day I take the B12 injection. The reason is that my B12 already contains 250mg of B1 so I use it with 100mg of B1 together at that day.
Thiamine (B1) made me search a little bit more about the role it plays in MS. It helps to discard heavy metals, and with B12 is plays a crucial role for the Central Nervous System. According to Doctor Klenner’s Protocol patients with MS are very low in thiamine(b1), b2, b6 vitamins as well as omega 3 fatty acids. But the intake of those vitamins (including Vitamin C) are far from the daily recommended dose. Mega doses make vitamins act as a medicine towards our body’s dysfunctions. Let me remind you some parts of the protocol:
“Response of Peripheral and Central nerve Pathology to Mega-Doses of the Vitamin B-Complex and Other Metabolites”…
“Early Use of Thiamin Hdrochloride in Neurological Diseases In the late thirties, Stern from Columbia University, was employing thiamin hydrochloride intraspinally with astonishing results in Multiple Sclerosis. He reported taking patients to the operating room on a stretcher, and following 30 mg. thiamin given intraspinally, they would walk back to their room.”
“Thiamin hydrochloride: 300mg to 500mg, 30 minutes before meals and bed hour, and during the night if awake. The higher amounts in long-standing cases. This requirement is high, since much is lost through action of gastric juices and loss due to perspiration; 400 mg. daily by needle, given intramuscularly…”
“Cobalamin (Vitamin B12): Technically, B12 is cyanocobalamin….”, “ B12 is recognized as a factor in the synthesis of myelin…”
Asking Jeff about if there is a certain period to be sue that you must quit B1 his answer was characteristic:
"I would stay with the thiamine for life unless your healing is complete for a sustained period of time and any discovered underlying causes have been corrected. Then you could consider reducing it a little for a time. Dale has continued. Someone named Paul Ferrari was told by Dr. Klenner that he could stop after ten years of symptom free living. He continued it anyway. He has also been symptom free for 30 years".
As for Vitamin B12 Methycobalamine can also be used in tablets for sublingual or intramuscular use as I’ve learnt from my friend G. who uses it.
3. Some MS medicine we use from time to time eg to deal with colds, or treat a certain weakness may change from time to time. But there are some vitamins such B1 and B12 or some supplements such fish oil which are thought to be following our therapy course for many years. As I said lack of omega-3 fatty acids is almost a rule to every MSer. A very good source of these acids is fish oil (also contains vitamin D, E which are very important). I take the E-EPA which contains 78% of EPA while common fish oils contain 18-20% and it is really helping. They can also be taken from polyunsaturated fats which derive from vegetables and vegetable oils (eg sunflower oil).

4. Urination problems occurred after one year of my MS. To be accurate the problem was I couldn’t begin urination easily and I had to go to the toilet all the time to feel finally relieved. I began drinking alkaline water in September. The first week I noticed the first signs. I urinated almost every 30 minutes! In the first month my urination became much more normal. I didn’t feel any pain. Then at nights it was like I never had a problem. Every time I have a successful outcome to a certain symptom of my MS I wonder if the way I dealt with it was responsible or it’s just me. So, I try to make a test just to confirm. My urination problems occur whenever I stop drinking the proper quantity of alkaline water. I first noticed when I visited my parents last Christmas where I didn’t have my water filter. That’s why I’m sure.
5. Many chronic diseases have to to with the block of energy flow in human body. Energy flows in our body and for some reason (scars, surgery, accidents etc) in some parts it is blocked. My last update reffered among other issues to a stress I was feeling on my kness and made me more weak after standing for long. This according my doctor had to do with a block of energy flow in my tonsils. I took 8 injections of procain which helps the energy flow again. This method is called Neural Therapy. Accupancture or Vitamin E oil can also help. The results were very obvious after 15 days. I don’t have a problem until today.
So what keeps bothering me round my MS?
Even though I ride my bike at ease I still have some problems. I feel a bit slow. Most of the time it’s not easy to notice but there is still the need to improve my mobility and balance until I’m able to run. I also suffer from constipation. Well, it has nothing to do with the old awful times but sometimes if I miss one day then the next two or three days are hard. Constipation is the main symptom which provokes a number of others. Numbness, balance loss, sleep disorders, pain. When three is no constipation problems everything goes back to normal again. That’s why I have to check my nutrition often and help my digestive system work in a best way. My doctor claims that most of chronic disease come from colon dysfunction. Also I must at last take some serious exercise besides simple stretching. I know it helps me a lot but I’m too occupied with my job and it seems I don’t have the time.
That’s all for now. At least everything I had in mind. If something new comes up I’ll keep you informed.