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Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Treatment


Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Treatment

The best Multiple Sclerosis Alternative Treatment is to Begin the Protocol in three together steps. These steps are described bellow. We wish you patience to follow this promising therapy. If you have read the articles on this web site, you now know there is a CURE for this disease based on Dr F.R. Klenner’s ms protocol. So the next question and the one I have received from many thousands of patients for over 30 years is "How do I get on It?" Dr F.R Klenner’s protocol given to me in 1973 More >

Klenner protocol for ms (first published)

Warning: Don’t apply this without your doctor’s consultation. This version of the protocol is presented here for historical reasons only. For your doctor’s information, some further ingredients suggested in Dr. Klenner’s 1984 writings (such as IV niacin), made available with a warning NEVER to try this on your own, as there are several ingredients that could cause serious   reactions, and must be tested on you by a doctor or alternative practitioner. If you want to begin this you should definitely read “How to begin the Klenner ms protocol.                                                                                        

You will notice that More >

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