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My name is Mark and I was diagnosed with a form of MS in the fall of 2008. I quickly developed the following symptoms: numbness, heaviness and lack of flexibility in my legs and hips, especially on the left side, causing me to limp; limited bowel and urinary functions; lack of stamina, energy, and balance. As a licensed massage therapist and someone who is trained in and understands the human body, it felt like my whole world was collapsing. I couldn’t stand without pausing to gain my balance. I could barely manage loading my massage table into my car. The More >

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In Summer 2008 I accidentally met Homer from whom I got informed about the Klenner’s Protocol. I didn’t start it at that time since I was trying to control my problem through several means here and there (muscle relaxants for spasticity, apritherapy etc.) without discernable results, as it came out. At the time I was in a relatively good condition.

In October 2008 I got worse. All I was able to do was to take my child to school, a 20 min task. All day I had to lie down due to extreme fatigue. Some months after and while getting More >

Mario Morais


I have Progressive MS, and the worst part of my disease was the lack of energy, that kept me in my apartment ( I call it the cave!), and away from other folks! Needless to say, I had a terrible social life! I was becoming a hermit. My quality of life was awful, I was always so tired, and I hated it!

My brain was slooowww, my swallowing was very tufffff and slowwww, I used an adult bib to eat. I hated eating. I also hated reading, because I would forget what I was reading, which I hated, because I More >

“March 2008 – August 2009″


Here I am again after almost 17 months! I admit I could write something sooner about my progress but I always wait for the right time to be sure of some things. Maybe the reason I didn’t write earlier has to do with the fact that all this time I had some set backs as well as improvements mixed together. This made me really realise that when the healing process goes on and on the body has it’s own unique way to react, that this path has ups but has downs as well.

No significant set backs though, definitely not More >


Below is a brief accounting of my experience utilizing Dr. Klenner’s Protocol for the autoimmune disease Multiple Sclerosis which I was diagnosed with in April 2007.

In November of 2006 while playing golf, I felt an extreme pain travel the course of my spine, upon consultation of my physician and through diagnostic testing and MRI. I was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. This was somewhat of a relief as there was no sign of MS in any of the tests and I was prescribed a heavy dose of Steroids to bring down the inflammation. April 2007 I had loss of vision More >

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