We are constantly trying to find new data and articles to back up this therapy, and to help patients to be able to absorb the important supplements. Most supplements in the market are tablets, capsules and/or soft gels, many of them containing additional “additives” such as magnesium stearate or stearic acid, beeswax, soy products, natural colors or flavors etc. Even though most patients find the vitamins we suggest very helpful, it is always better to try to eliminate unnecessary substances and find the purest form possible, one that is the most absorbable. Tablets and pills always lack a suggested one percent in absorption. There is a lot of discussion throughout the internet regarding the safety of these substances, or the possible harm that they may do taken on a daily basis and for long periods of time.

Since the original protocol was written, the vitamins that were available at that time have become much more widely available with many different forms available. With the popularity of taking supplements throughout the world there has been a huge market opened in selling supplements, and many new strengths, purities and chemical or “pure” forms have become available.

At the time that Dr. Klenner was prescribing vitamins, a limited number were available to choose from, and many were extremely expensive. It was very difficult to find anything that was “better quality” combined with low prices. With the exploding markets of sales of supplements, there are many types to choose from now, and we always want to make sure we are trying to obtain the best and most absorbable with an eye towards purity to ensure the effectiveness of the therapy. We think that after all these years it is a good time to make some suggestions on the vitamins and supplements on the protocol. Some of those taking the supplements who are having digestive problems or gastrointestinal issues may want to consider some of these suggestions, they are listed as being 100% pure, and some come in liquid forms.

While researching this, two questions arose:
a) Can all of the vitamins be found in pure form?
b) Is it possible to combine both purity and additive free vitamins with affordability?
The first question regarding pure form is definitely yes. We have found something for every vitamin on this website in a “pure form”. Of course if you have any suggestions we are always open to suggestions. Regarding cost, some are going to be more expensive in the long run while others are not.
For now we can suggest alternative vitamins in liquid, powder or other forms all additive free and highly absorbable. Whenever we find something new we will let you know. You can always check this new suggestion in the “Suggestion: Where to buy your oral vitamins” page. We haven’t changed our previous links, we have only added below some vitamins an addition called “Our best quality choice” followed by what we believe covers the above statements.
Stay tuned!
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