Presented by Dale Humpherys, Nov 2004
Townsend Letter For Doctors and Patients
Posted here with permission of the author

I am continuing to receive many calls from doctors and MS patients wanting more information on the Klenner treatment which reverses and cures Multiple Sclerosis.

In the many articles published by the TLfDP, beginning in Feb. 2000, the full story of our efforts to make this treatment available to all is documented and despite efforts by the FDA Pharmaceutical Monolith to stop this treatment by refusing to release vitamin and Liver Extract injectables from the large labs producing them which were under FDA control. It was a desperate situation for us and we survived by importing them from Mexico where they are available without a prescription. Compounding pharmacies began to produce the B1 injectables in 2000. They were able to do this because compounding pharmacies are under state control.

The FDA went to court in January 2001 in New York and attempted to gain control of compounding pharmacies and were denied that right. Then pharmacies began to produce Liver Extract also and we were assured a reliable source of supply.

I am currently receiving an average of 10 calls a month from doctors and patients worldwide wanting information on the treatment. Unfortunately many of these patients are long-standing cases with varying stages of disability–in wheelchairs or bed. With early diagnosis and prompt treatment the recovery time is shortened so patients never reach the wheelchair stage.

Some of the calls I get are from patients who have been on treatment a short time and feel they are not progressing fast enough.

When going through the protocol with them the most common problem is irregularity with the daily injections–when they stop missing injections they begin to improve quickly. One of the first improvements a new patient reports is a lowering of fatigue levels. Some time ago I talked with a patient who said he noticed a drop in fatigue after beginning treatment but still felt some fatigue. He was taking 400 mg–of B1–by injection daily which Dr. Klenner advises. So he raised the level to 500 mg daily and noticed a further drop in fatigue levels. He continues to maintain that level. I haven’t found anyone who requires more than that to eliminate fatigue.

Dr. Klenner predicated his treatment on the basis of a viral cause for this disease. I recently received a letter from a patient who has been on the treatment for 2 years and says he continues to degenerate. This is the only patient I have ever heard from who hasn’t reported progress. Because the majority do report progress there may be another factor involved here such as heavy metal poisoning, sensitivity to methyl mercury, PCBs or other toxic chemicals. I suggested a hair analysis may provide an answer for him. I also suggested he read Dr. Barry Sears The Omega RX Zone in which he tells of the use of high dose pharmaceutical grade fish oil for use in inflammatory diseases such as MS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, Hypertension, Arthritis, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis and others.

In a study recently done in Norway, MS patients were given 1 gram of long chain Omega-3 fatty acids daily for 2 years. These patients were also told to eat 3 to 4 fish meals weekly (which would further increase their consumption of fish oil), and eat more fruit and vegetables. The number of MS attacks these patients experienced decreased by 95% in the first year. And after 2 years their disability index decreased by 25%. Dr. Sears believes these patients would have had even better results if they had been given higher levels of fish oil (3 to 16 grams daily–1 to 2 tblsp).

I have personal experience with hypertension and arthritis using fish oil. With a dosage of 12 grams daily (I tblsp) I have been able to control both.

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