Useful Tips for MS

Additive free vitamins for best results in the Klenner therapy


We are constantly trying to find new data and articles to back up this therapy, and to help patients to be able to absorb the important supplements. Most supplements in the market are tablets, capsules and/or soft gels, many of them containing additional “additives” such as magnesium stearate or stearic acid, beeswax, soy products, natural colors or flavors etc. Even though most patients find the vitamins we suggest very helpful, it is always better to try to eliminate unnecessary substances and find the purest form possible, one that is the most absorbable. Tablets and pills always lack a More >

Do you Soak your Nuts and Seeds? Start now and improve your digestion!

People suffering with MS eat nuts. It is a quick and easy snack and they can enrich your protein intake. The problem is that occasional or continious consumption of unsoaked nuts can create or worsen digestion and bowel problems.
Nuts and seeds have enzyme inhibitors such as phytic acid, that can put a strain on your digestive system. The reason these enzyme inhibitors are there in the first place is to make sure the nuts and seeds don’t prematurely sprout. Makes sense. They need to be in the right environment for their life

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Common reasons that your progress may delay while you are on the protocol


When following the Klenner protocol it is vitally important to take all of the oral vitamins, injectable B1 and Liver Extract each and every day. As patients follow the protocol, the body repairs over time and symptoms disappear. Just as the body can get worse without obvious signs of a problem until an attack, the body can also repair and do a lot of good work for a while before the patient sees or feels the change. Be patient and take everything in the protocol EVERY day.

Sometimes patients get in touch because they are concerned that they are not More >

10 Foods That Fight Inflammation


1. Extra-virgin olive oil – an unrefined type of olive oil – contains a substance called oleocanthol that interferes with two enzymes (COX-1 and COX-2) involved with inflammation in the body. In fact, a 2005 study in the journal Nature found that oleocanthol inhibits inflammation in a way that’s identical to the painkiller ibuprofen.

Comment: 100% true!

2. Red wine contains a compound called resveratrol, which has been found to have both anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. Scientists say the presence of this compound may help explain the so-called “French paradox” as to why More >

8 Summer Tips for MS patients


Having MS and living in a hot country is not easy. Heat can be difficult, causing symptoms to reappear, or, become more of a challenge to deal with.

Following these steps can help as basics to prevent problems.

1. Don’t expose your self to heat. Try to remain in your house (especially the very  hot days) and make sure your air conditioner has clean filters.

If you must go out , try to go before 11 am, or after 7pm, when the sun is lower in the sky, and IF YOU CAN TOLERATE IT, and would like to expose your skin to the sun for 20 minutes,

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