Many people suffer from Food Intolerance. This means their organism cannot “identify” one or more foods. I would characterise Food Allergy as a subclass of Food Intolerance. The question is: are we aware of this indisputable fact? In some cases these problems cause symptoms which are visible but in many other cases we are not able to notice. For example I’m sure you’ve heard that eggs, milk, mushrooms or other foods may cause almost instant skin allergies (inflammations etc) and it’s true. Other symptoms maybe pains (eg headaches), diarrhoeas, vomiting, often dizziness etc.

But, what happens if you are affected inside your body from certain foods without being able to notice? Or what if you suffer from a disease (such as MS) which one of its basic causes is food intolerance? This is totally different because you are not in the position to notice directly or imagine that your problem is connected to food allergy.
The best thing to do is consult a dietitian or a nutritionist to give you a food allergy test.


Human body in such situations performs several abnormal reactions eg not digesting one or more foods, constipation problems, celiac disfunctions etc. Chronic experience of these problems can leads mathematically to serious illnesses such MS or numerous other health problems. Substances coming from wrong nutrtion keeps accumulate into our body and here is where real dangers begin. Our immune system cannot in a way identify these substances and it’s being challenged. The “enemies” (antigens) must be destroyed so the im

mune system produces antibodies in order to attack them. The results sooner or later become noticable. Our immune system attacks to healthy tissues and several autoimmune diseases are born. We are attacked by our own defense!

Of course it is not necessary that wrong nutrition will for sure lead someone to MS but it is a very important factor which if we do not take into serious consideration we will never make a significant progress to what we call MS confrontation.



First of all try to think if any obvious symptoms of the above or others happens to you often. Secondly visit a doctor to give you a food allergy test. The soonest you are aware of the foods that you are intolerant to the better. Then simply remove them from your diet for as long as your dietist advises you. In most cases this incudes the use of food supplements or/and other substances such as vitamins.

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